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"Half as noisy" - Sonation kicked off business with the make of sound insulation boxes and utilities for vacuum pumps.

In the meantime, useful products such as sound insulation boxes for Ultrasonic bathes and a line of top quality tables dedicated to the specific needs of mass spectrometers had been developed. The MS tables have optional turnable tables for your NanoLC, embedded sound insulation boxes, electric height adjustability, cable tray  - all specifically combined to match your specific needs.

Sonation knows that your sense of hearing is at risk and made solutions available to address this. The company core has been servicing the most desired mass specs for life science for many years, so they have an ear for you in a double sense.

Orbi table with integrated noise reduction box

By careful selection, in-licensing and fabrication of new products such as the Peltier controlled column oven designed by Matthias Mann's group at the Max Planck Institute, Martinsried, Sonation has become a highly respected partner for MS Wil.

Sound insulation boxes for vacuum pumps


NanoLC oven - MPI design

Developed at the Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried the Sonation column oven is used for the temperature regulation of the column in ESI-Nanospray applications. Due to a constant column temperature the results are getting more precise and with a higher column temperature longer columns and faster washing cycles can be achieved.



The Sonation column oven has been developed with the goal to solve three problems in the ESI-Nanospray workflow:

-  The influence of a changing room temperature.
In most labs the room temperature is not constant. Air conditions or opened doors are causing a changing temperature that influences the results.

-  The length of the column is limited due to the maximum pressure of the used HPLC.
The longer the used column,  the higher the pressure must be to maintain the same flowrate.

-  The washout of the columns consumes a lot of time.
Even with the maximum pressure of the HPLC the washing cycles needs a lot of time.

-  RFID column identification
Label your column with a unique ID, physical dimensions and other useful data. Also you can track the usage of your columns.

 RFID Tag for NanoLC column
With the Sonation column oven the temperature of the column is now completely independent from the room temperature. The column can also be heated to high temperatures to accelerate the washout cycles or getting higher flowrates during the run. Also the use of longer columns is now possible. With the software that comes with the oven the temperature can be adjusted direct on the PC. It can also be switched between two temperatures automatically using an instrument method in Xcalibur.

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Sonation oven ASMS 2011 Poster  


pick a datasheet for a Sonation box for your ultrasonic bath [pdf]

Sonation box for your ultrasonic bath