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Chromatography Research Supplies (CRS)

As of quite recently, our partner company Trajan has acquired the company Chromatography Research Supplies (CRS). Therefore, CRS’s industry-leading products are now also available at MS Wil.

CRS Crimpers & Decappers

Trajan, now, designs and manufactures the range of Chromatography Research Supplies (CRS) Crimping tools (both manual and electronic) to meet the diverse array of laboratory crimping and decapping applications. Their commitment to quality and consistency in manufacturing all crimping tools, translates to more efficient sampling and less down time for end users due to damaged vials or loose seals.

Electronic High Power Crimping Tools

The CRS high power crimping tool is designed with interchangeable jaws, so that you only need one tool and purchase the size crimper and decappers needed for your laboratory needs. The jaw sets are available as crimper and decappers which fit standard lab vials seals with aluminum or two-part aluminum/steel caps. This crimping tool has the ability to store separate programs for different caps and cap sizes. The tools are ergonomically designed to reduce strain and arm injury associated with many manual crimping tools. Jaw sets are available in 8 mm (crimper only), 11 mm, 13 mm and 20 mm cap sizes, including flip off caps in 13 mm and 20 mm sizes.

Jaw sets are easy to interchange, Simply insert the jaw set into the bushing at the bottom of the tool. Push up and twist until the set locks into position. To remove, push the outside button and rotate.

Electronic Battery Crimping Tools

The range of CRS electronic crimpers and decappers fit standard laboratory vials and seals with aluminum or two-part aluminum/steel caps. The electronically adjustable cycle is accurate, reproducible and can be adjusted with the controls on top of the unit. The tools are ergonomically designed to reduce strain and arm injury associated with many manual crimping tools. Available in 8 mm (crimper only), 11 mm, 13 mm and 20 mm cap sizes.

The tool’s convenient controls located on the top of the unit allow to adjust the crimp. The OLED screen displays the tools size, battery status crimp setting and cycle results. The settings menu provides lifetime statics, recent cycle log, 8 language options and reset functions.

The CRS Crimping tools can be recharged in one to two hours with the universal power supply is included. The design of the crimpers allows you to operate the tool while it is charging. The power supply includes a plug set for operation in most countries.

Manual Crimping Tools

The body of the CRS Crimper is constructed of tough, light-weight glass-filled plastic for  strength. Our ergonomically curved handles design conforms to your natural grip, which greatly improves comfort over blocky metal grips.

The bottom-pull handle design is steadier to hold than top-push handle designs. The head does not wobble. It is easy to hold the tapered jaws of the crimper in a stable position, as the bottom handle is pulled up.

The adjustment knob is conveniently positioned at the head of the crimper, clearly displays + and – symbols along with directional arrows. This simplifies adjusting the intensity of crimp desired. No more “extra squeeze” necessary! Allows to clearly see the crimp setting has been reached when the knob touches the crimper body.

Crimping Tool Accessories

The CRS Crimping tool base and mounting kit is available for use with either the electronic crimping tools or with the high power crimping tools. The kit is easy to assemble and hardware is included.

The CRS Crimping tool stand is available for use with both the electronic and manual crimping tools. Stand comes assembled and ready to use.

CRS Gas Purifiers & Filters

Trajan manufactures the Chromatography Research Supplies (CRS) gas purifier and filter product range. CRS gas purifiers ensure the quality of gas being used in your instrumentation, and reliably provide high purity gas, removing contaminants so your analysis is not compromised.

Advanced Filter System (AFS)

Two part system includes a small stainless steel manifold and a high capacity purifier cartridge. The manifold mounts to a laboratory wall or bench with brackets included in the installation kit and connects to the gas lines with stainless steel compression fittings. The cartridge easily attaches and detaches from the manifold with an assembly knob.

The AFS comes in three configurations to remove a combination of oxygen, moisture, and hydrocarbons (C5 or heavier). They contain high-sensitivity oxygen and moisture indicator. The AFS purifiers can be expected to supply multiple GC installations for an extended period of time depending on the laboratory environment.

Key features:

  • Clean flow path, gas contacts only metal, glass and FKM seals.
  • High capacity and efficiency in a single cartridge.
  • Easy cartridge replacement with twist on/off assembly knob.
  • Double seal construction for safety, especially when using hydrogen gas.
  • Check valves protect gas lines during cartridge replacement.
  • Hardware for wall or bench mount.
  • Stainless steel fittings.
  • Reconditioning program allows for recycling of cartridge.

ZPureTM (Stainless Steel & Glass)

ZPure™ gas filters are the core of our broad program of inline purifiers. The ZPure products represent the highest quality and most reasonably priced gas filters both in stainless steel bodies and in shielded glass bodies for applications requiring visual indicators. They offer long life, efficient contaminant removal and come in a various size and fitting configurations for most laboratory analytical applications.

Standard Filters (Stainless Steel)

  • Stainless steel bodies.
  • Integrated stainless steel frits for particle removal.
  • High capacity absorbents with well-characterized performance data.
  • All-metal sealing system.
  • Individually helium leak-checked in vacuum.

Glass Filters

  • Double seal glass body with polycarbonate shell isolates the gas stream in the event of glass failure.
  • Highly sensitive visual indicators for oxygen and water.
  • Integrated stainless steel frits for particle removal.
  • High capacity absorbents with well-characterized performance data.
  • Fluoroelastomer seals for inertness.
  • Individually helium leak-checked in vacuum.


The ZPure M filters are 3800 cc canisters that have the benefits of the higher flow rates, larger capacities, and are refillable by Trajan in most versions. The canister is made from 316 stainless steel and has stainless steel fitting options in 1/2″ VCR, 1/4″ compression, and 1/4″ quick connect fittings.

ZPure M filters are available in contaminant-specific filters for hydrocarbons, moisture, and multi-contaminant versions including an oxygen/moisture filter and the PolyGas II purifier.

ZPureTM Ultra

The ZPure Ultra line utilizes the same high quality ZPure components but has the addition of metal gasket seals. The line was developed for higher sensitivity applications commonly found in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry. These high-quality filters are constructed of 316 stainless steel for maximum purity with an electropolished surface finish. They contain a 0.003 μm outlet particle filter, have long lifetimes, and can reach outlet purity to the ppb levels. Available in 2 types of moisture removing media, 3A or 5A, and hydrocarbon removal from the source gas.


The SPure™ line is a general-purpose filter for removing moisture, oil, and dust from air and inert gases. SPures are made from strong acrylic and polycarbonate with aluminum end caps and use a cobalt free indicator. Not for carrier, compressed air, or hydrogen gas use.

Infinity Hydrogen Gas Purifier

The Infinity hydrogen gas purifier is a self regenerating purifier that removes oxygen from hydrogen at ambient temperature. The reaction consumes the oxygen and creates water vapor. When paired with an additional moisture filter, it is the perfect solution for hydrogen generators.

CRS Ferrules

Trajan manufactures a wide variety of Chromatography Research Supplies (CRS) standard and specialty ferrules and seals used in gas chromatographs and other instruments. The commonly used materials are Vespel, PTFE and exfoliated graphite. The standard ferrule product line is used to seal tubing and capillaries to standard compression fittings in a variety of sizes.

Graphite GC Ferrules

Graphite GC ferrules are made from high purity exfoliated graphite. They seal with minimal torque and are reusable if they are not over tightened. Graphite GC ferrules do not shrink in use, but are very soft and must be packed and handled with care.

Graphite ferrules are commonly used in GC systems on the inlet and detector ends because they don’t stick to the column, and can be removed and reinserted easily. They should not be used with GC/MS instruments because of permeability to air.

You should always trim a short piece of the column after replacing the ferrule to be sure that no graphite particles have plugged the column.

Upper temperature limit of 450°C.

Vespel/Graphite GC Ferrules

Vespel/graphite GC ferrules are made from quality polyimide/graphite blend. They seal with minimal torque and can be reused and repositioned along capillary columns if not over compressed in the fitting. Due to slight shrinking at high temperatures, they must be retightened after initial temperature cycles to avoid leaks.

Two types of Vespel/graphite are commonly used, one with 40% graphite and one with 15% graphite. They are ideal for GC/MS interface applications because they are non-porous to oxygen. The inclusion of graphite increases high-temperature tolerance and reduces sticking and shrinkage.

Trajan offers both Vespel/graphite blends, a 60/40 mix and an 85/15 mix. The 85/15 maintains a high level of hardness and long lifetime. The 60/40 blend is softer, with improved wear resistance and lower friction. These ferrules will require less force to compress and form a seal.

Both blends have an upper temperature limit of 400 C.

Vespel GC Ferrules

Vespel GC ferrules are made from 100% high-temperature polyimide, a hard polymeric material that tends to seal permanently to capillary columns when in use. A firm torque is required to compress and seal. They are not reusable and tend to shrink through repeated heating and cooling cycles.

Vespel GC ferrules are excellent for creating seals on metal or glass and have long lifetimes. 100% Vespel is essentially non-porous to oxygen so it is ideal for GC/MS interface use, where air permeation can raise the background signal and contribute to phase degradation. They also work best in connections that are isothermal or insulated from oven temperature changes.

Upper temperature limit of 350°C.

PTFE GC Ferrules

PTFE GC ferrules are made from 100% PTFE. They are soft, completely inert, and have very low friction. PTFE GC ferrules are hydrophobic and commonly used in liquid applications.

Upper temperature limit of 250°C.

CRS GC Septa

Chromatography Research Supplies (CRS) GC Septa are preconditioned for low bleed, plasma-coated to reduce sticking and are packed in blister packs and glass jars for high purity. We have developed unique technologies in the course of developing injection port septa for gas chromatographs. This particular application is characterized by very high temperatures of operation – to the limit of the material specification . Exceedingly tight requirements for low emission of volatile and liquid components, and a surface that needs to be resistant to sticking.

Trajans CRS GC septa is founded on unique technologies that optimize the performance of the injection port. CRS GC septa ensures:

  • Very high temperatures of operation
  • Exceedingly tight requirements for low emission of volatile and liquid components
  • Resistance to sticking.

BTO Premium high-temp GC Septa

GC septa BTO is bleed and temperature optimized for the most demanding GC and GC-MS applications: it is the finest GC septum we have tested. GC septa BTO is formulated to extend low bleed and outstanding mechanical properties of premium GC septa to the highest temperature applications. It retains remarkable softness and pierceability at high temperatures, with extremely low bleed, and has been optimized to reduce injection port adhesion.

AG3 low-bleed GC Septa

The CRS Advanced Green 3 (AG3) GC septum was created to combine significantly longer injection life, low bleed and low injection port adhesion. The result is a green septum you can use for all your critical analyses.

Marathon long-life GC Septa

This is an advanced GC septum for autosampler use, with significantly longer life. The CRS Marathon GC septum typically achieves 400 injections without failure when used with a rounded-tip (HP-style) needle and autosampler or needle guide. Now you can make extended autosampler runs without fear of sample loss caused by blow-back of leaking carrier gas. The CRS Marathon GC septum is also ideal for standard manual injection GC and GC-MS.

General purpose Blue GC Septa

We offer general purpose blue GC septa that are economical and suitable for use in many applications. While they do not have the low-bleed quality or plasma coating of the premium GC septa they do hold up well at up to 275°C and provide lower bleed levels than many low-end or generic GC septa.

Puresep T GC Septa

The CRS Puresep T GC septa are faced with polyimide film and have a double layer of polyimide and PTFE on one side. Puresep T GC septa are not low bleed septa, and their recommended maximum temperature is 225°C. Puresep T GC septa are stamped from sheets of material to the size specified. All general purpose septa are produced to tight tolerances in dedicated molds.

Endura-Seals GC Septa

Endura-Seals are a patented alternative to typical silicone-rubber injection port septa for gas chromatography. They work in a 2-part sealing system that includes the septa and the sealing nut. The duckbill valve and wiper seal combination in the Endura-Seals is much more resistant to needle wear and tear than traditional pierced septa. While premium septa are already designed to reduce coring (particles in the liner), the Endura-Seals allow the needle to glide through the valve to virtually eliminate such particles. The Endura-Seals utilize a more cost-effective elastomeric spring design instead of the metal spring used in some competing designs. These features make the Endura-Seals GC septa an ideal choice for automated analyses in the long sequences used with today’s high capacity autosamplers.

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