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Enhance your Orbitrap

Give your Orbitrap a Quantum boost with the FTMS Booster

FTMS Booster gives your existing Thermo Orbitrap (… & Thermo FTICRs) a quantum boost in data quality and also in processing sophistication. In order to help you to add a fresh breeze in performance to your mass spec so that you can unravel your most complex and challenging applications on todays instruments.

The Challenge – Maximize FTMS Information Output

Most Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometers (FTMS) provide only processed and noise reduced data (mass spectra). The availability of the true raw data (FTMS transients) allows for the most efficient data processing. These hardware (FTMS Booster) and software (Peak-by-Peak) products provide transient access and processing for any FTMS instrument on the market enabling a step change in FTMS data quality and processing sophistication, helping you to take on the most complex and challenging applications.

FTMS Booster X2

For OrbitrapTM transient acquisition

  • Easy add-on to any OrbitrapTM
  • Works in parallel with FTMS manufacturer data acquisition
  • Open file format of output data
  • Unlocks absorption mode FT
  • Full transient detection for enhanced sensitivity, resolution, and duty cycle
  • Detection of signals from all ions contributing to the signal (full m/z range)
  • Enables ultra-high resolution capability
  • Maximizes sensitivity by acquiring two transients at a time, with different gains
  • Allows transparent post-processing, data validation and re-analysis
  • Rapid data transfer for measurements of large data sets and high duty cycles
  • High-capacity (4TB) fast SSD buffer
FTMS Booster X2

FTMS Booster X3

For FT-ICR MS transient acquisition

  • All capabilities of FTMS Booster X2 technology
  • Easy add-on to any FT-ICR MS instrument
  • Acquisition of both excite and detect waveforms in FT-ICR MS
  • Uniquely enables in-hardware absorption mode FT (aFT) for FT-ICR MS
  • Powerful on-board data processing
  • High-capacity (16 TB) fast SSD buffer for extended duration measurement campaigns for both ICR and OrbitrapTM
FTMS Booster X3

What is FTMS Booster?

FTMS Booster is a high-performance data acquisition and analysis system based on state-of-the-art FPGA (field-programmable gate array) technology. Together with Peak by Peak™ software, FTMS Booster is a complete state-of-the-art solution for acquisition of time-domain signals (transients), real-time digital signal processing, trigger decoding, and off-line data visualization and processing.

Compatible with any Orbitrap™ FTMS platform (LTQ Orbitrap™, Exactive™, and Fusion™ series), the device features both on-line and off-line software operation in parallel to installed products. Two complementary data sets are simultaneously and synchronously acquired. Both Booster-produced and conventional transients or mass spectra can be processed by Peak by Peak™ and AutoVectis™ software tools. Booster data is synchronized with metadata that is produced by the existing software.

In conclusion, the device gives your existing instrument a quantum boost in data quality and processing sophistication. In order to help you to take on the most complex and challenging applications on your instrument.

How does the FTMS Booster work?

FTMS Booster Technology

High-throughput in-line FPGA technologies are the basis of the new architecture in FTMS Booster X1. Compared to traditional systems, the fidelity, accuracy and extent of the acquired time-domain data are substantially improved. In conclusion this results directly into improved analytical performance. 

  • Reduced Noise – which translates to improved sensitivity
  • Dynamic Range
  • Full Transient Recording for Improved Resolution
  • Reduced Phase Distortions for Improved Resolution
  • Mass Accuracy

Posters from ASMS 2016 (FTMS Booster X1):

Boosting FTMS performance via advanced data acquisition electronics and signal processing

Implementation of a high-performance FPGA-based data acquisition system for FTMS

Further information as PDF:

FTMS Booster X1 for Orbitrap FTMS


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FTMS Booster X1 for FT-ICR MS


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