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Filament Repair Services

We repair your filament!

Our partner company Scientific Instrument Services, (S.I.S.), now part of Adaptas, provides a wide variety manufacture, repair and filament alignment capabilities for Mass Spectrometry suppliers as well as end users. Filament repair services for almost all manufacturers and models of mass spectrometers are also provided. In addition we also cover the repair and manufacture of filaments for other scientific instruments including X-ray generators.

We, at MS Wil, provide you the service to transport your filaments to the repair-shop and make sure to return them to you when they are repaired and quality checked.

We offer:

  • Standard Filament Repairs, repairs using the original fillament material;
  • SISAlloy Filament Repair, repairs using the SISAlloy fillament material. SISAlloy contains pure rhenium doped with a small concentration of Yttria, in order to allow a longer fillament lifetime;
  • Yttria Coated SISAlloy Filaments, repairs using SISalloy filament wire can be coated with Yttria in order to improve filament performance.

In 1978 Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. began repairing mass spectrometer filaments and heaters. If you have any interests in the history of Fillament Repair, please take a look here. These days SIS has a team of dedicated engineers building and also repairing filaments.

You can find more information on the variety of repair options here on sisweb.com. Of course, you can also contact us at MS Wil, we will be happy to guide you.

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