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AMT HALO® Peptide Solutions

Extremely stable at high temperatures and low pH.

Advanced Materials Technology (AMT) is an innovative Product Development and Manufacturing company that is dedicated to researching and also manufacturing high quality, enabling materials for scientists around the world. In that light, they developed their HALO Peptides, which are extremely stable at high temperatures and low pH.

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With excellent options for both fast and high-resolution UHPLC separations, HALO® delivers high peak capacity and is extremely stable at high temperatures and low pH. For peptide characterization, the optimized 160 Å pore size is ideal for small protein fragments and peptides.

HALO Peptides

HALO Peptides - 160A 2.0um
160 Å 2 µm
(Ideal for fast, ultra-high-resolution UHPLC separations of peptides)
HALO Peptides - 160A 2.7um
160 Å 2.7 µm
(Optimal particle size for LC, UHPLC, and LCMS separations of peptides)
HALO Peptides - 160A 5um
160 Å 5 µm
(Multiplexing in series for added peak capacity, lowest back pressure delivery)

Product Features:

  • Extremely stable at high temperatures and low pH.
  • Ideal for both ultrafast and ultrahigh resolution separations of peptides and polypeptides up to 20 kDa.
  • Outperforms non-core 3 μm, 300 Angstrom columns in terms of peak width, peak capacity and peak height.
  • Offers comparable peak capacity to sub-2 μm non-core columns at 40–50% back pressure (2.7 μm).
  • ~ 20% higher peak capacity than sub-2 μm non-core columns at comparable back pressure (2 μm).
  • Columns (Peptide 2.7 and 5 μm) can be used in series in order to increase peak capacity for UHPLC and HPLC analyses of complex tryptic digest samples.
  • HALO® Peptide ES-CN (2.7 and 5 μm) offers different selectivity and improved retention for polar peptides.
  • 2 μm inlet frit (2.7 and 5 μm); 1 μm inlet frit (2 μm) provides extra protection from plugging.

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Graphical representation of a polypeptide structure having beta-pleated sheet and alpha-helical regions.
Comparison of Fused-Core to Non-Core Columns for Peptide Separations
Coupled HALO Peptide columns for Maximum Peak Capacity
Alternate Selectivity Using HALO 5 Peptide ES-CN

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