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Heating a PharmaFluidics UPAC Column

In the last few years the PharmaFluidics µPAC™ Column range is gaining attention quickly. And in addition to that the question on how to mount them on a nanoSpray Ion Source. As with any nano/micro flow chromatography column the best place to use them is close to the orifice of your mass spectrometer. And for optimal performance temperature control the column.

Butterfly Heater with PharmaFluidics Upac Column

The Phoenix S&T Butterfly column oven suits perfectly to host the PharmaFluidics µPAC column and if needed also the trap column.

These column ovens are available in two variations:

  1. controlled by a stand alone controller and
  2. controlled by ThermoScientific’s EASY-Spray source controller

The column ovens may be supplied with liquid junctions with handy magnenic High Voltage connectors. There is a special version of the Liquid Junctions that is build to mount on the column rail of a ThermoScientific Nanospray Flex Source.

You can use the stand alone Butterfly columns ovens on any brand ion source.

Visit our online catalog for our full offer in PST Column Ovens, and request your quote.

For more information on connecting your PharmaFluidics µPAC™ Column, please download this MS Wil Tech Note:

PharmaFluidics uPAC Tech Note

Connecting your µPAC™ Column


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