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Pencil and Butterfly Heaters

Unique Column Ovens that can be configurated in terms of size.

Phoenix S&T Nano LC Pencil and Butterfly column Heaters are widely accepted among the proteomics community. Therefore we want you to benefit from this cost effective way of reduced column backpressure. Heat allows small particles & longer columns – hence – higher peak capacity. The lower mobile phase viscosity also perserves your pumping system from some of the shear stress you run into at higher pressures. Last but not least, heat helps you with those sticky peptides that get lost somewhere between injection and sprayer.

Phoenix S&T ovens are unique as you can configurate them in size, flexibly heat both an analytical column and the loading/trapping column if desired.

Phoenix S&T Butterfly Heater

  • Even stable (to within 0.2 ºC) temperature throughout the whole hot “pocket” formed by the closed Butterfly heater when controlled by Phoenix S&T’s column heater controller: PST-CHC.
  • Easy placement of chromatographic fittings and columns, including vented columns, in the portfolio when it is “open”, and the closed heater can be placed adjacent to the MS source.
  • Contents of the heater can be conveniently secured in place by heat-resistant tape.
  • Maximum temperature achievable is 100 ºC.
  • Accessories for insulating the union or Tee for high voltage liquid junction inside the heater are available.
  • New! Insulated heater surface for metal columns and fittings now available

Phoenix S&T Pencil Heater

  • Improve reproducibility, mass transfer and dramatically reduce run pressures and carry-overs.
  • Designed specifically for nano/microspray applications to increase resolution and throughput.
  • Temperature range between ambient and 100 ⁰ C, with stability control to 0.2 ⁰ C
  • Lengths available between 6 to 25 cm for most styles. Specify when ordering. Inquire about custom lengths

Complementary Products

Heater Controller
PST Column Heater ControlThe controller can handle both heater configurations and has an optional on/off toggle feature via instrumental control.
EasySpray Adapter
EasySpray adapterEasySpray adapter insert for a spray emitter without heater – with HV cable.
Also available with Union, Stainless Tee, STainless Cross, Tee (Gold wire), and NanoViper Union.
EasySpray Fusion Source
JailbreakMicrospray/nanospray source insert; EasySpray Fusion source; with sheath gas and HV union, with 2 boxes of mTips and 1 box of fused silica tips.
EasySpray QE MS Source
JailbreakMicrospray/nanospray source insert; EasySpray QE MS source; with sheath gas and HV union, with 2 boxes of mTips and 1 box of fused silica tips.
Liquid Junction
PST liquid junction for Nanoflex source; Includes: Lowest dead volume liquid junction; HV cable with magnetic coupler that connects to the Nanoflex source; insulation block allowing for the magnetic connection with HV and mounts on the NanoFlex column rail; no-sleeve PEEK nut/ferrules and the tightening tool.
Magnetic Coupler
HV Magnetic Coupler HousingHV magnetic coupler housing

To see our full offer of PST Heaters and Complementary products, visit our catalog and request your quote.

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