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CoAnn Connection Lines

Very-High Pressure Connection Lines that allow you to connect nLC Columns from CoAnn Technologies.

CoAnn is a provider of ultrasensitive high-resolution nanoLC and microLC Columns that are available in many varieties, sizes, and with or without connectors. In addition to that, CoAnn also supplies Very High Pressure Transfer Lines with Connectors (also called Connection Lines).

These Very-High Pressure (~20,000psi) Connection Lines allow you to connect NanoLC Columns from CoAnn Technologies, with fittings. The transfer line connectors have either two fitted ends with standard 1/16″ male nuts/ferrules (VHPCLD) or one end with 1/16″ nut/ferrule and another with exposed 360 um OD fused silica capillary tube (VHPCLS). For assembly of CoAnn connection line, insert the tube with ferrule/nut to the bottom of a female adapter to be connected and then tight the nut by using a wrench.


Specifications CoAnn Connection Lines:

These Transfer Lines are also available in many different varieties and sizes. Take a look at the table below for all specifications:

Product No.ID (um)Length (cm)ODOpperation PressurePack Size
VHPCLD0-XXXX10, 20, 30, 5010, 20, 30, 50360um20,000psi1
VHPCLS0-XXXX10, 20, 30, 5010, 20, 30, 50360um20,000psi1

For our full offer in CoAnn Transfer Line Connectors, take a look in our online catalog.