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Easy-Spray Adapter for nanoflow applications

No modifications required to your Easy-Spray source needed

The Easy-spray adapter for nanoflow application, also Jailbreak  – designed by Phoenix S&T – enables researchers to use standard 360um OD fused silica columns on their Thermo Easy-Spray, regaining full control over the column setup again. The Easy-Spray Jailbreak is available with and without Column Heater, and works with both the PST Pencil and Butterfly heaters, controlled by the Easy-Spray source electronics.

The white HV cable carries the ESI voltage out of the source and guides it to the column inlet liquid junction connection. Therefore, post column peak broadening issues are circumvented, enabling maximum possible peak capacity and peak concentration. The original Easy Spray columns feature post column HV feed in, which might be a compromise as it preserves the option to swap the emitter while one can still use the column.

A fundamental desire is maximum peak capacity and instrumental sensitivity, which translates to better proteine IDs.

Jailbreak can be ordered at any length between 12 and 25cm (in 1cm increments)

Part numberDescription
PST-ESEasy-Spray adapter without heater and a HC cable only
PST-ESR-xxEasy-Spray heater with HV cable only
PST-ESR-xxUEasy-Spray heater with HV cable and stainless union
PST-ESR-xxTEasy-Spray heater with HV cable and Tee

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PST jailbreak on a Thermo Fusion equipped with an Easy-Spray source (The Upchurch T-Piece provides high voltage)
PST jailbreak – what it looks like with the Thermo Video camera

Jailbreak Tech Note

Phoenix S&T Jailbreak Manual


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Ing. Karel Bezstarosti,  Proteomics specialist, Senior research technician
Reference: http://www.proteomicscenter.nl/people.html


1. What is the minimum length of an emitter when I use Jailbreak?

A: The jailbreak device is 8 cm including the ferrule keeping the emitter in position. This is the lenght without a build in Pencilheater unit. So a minimum emitter lenght of 10 cm or above is practical

2. How do I feed in the high voltage (HV) ?

A: There are various options available. Below are pictures of two different magnetically attachable HV connections. IDEX ferrule on the left and an IDEX T – housing  – both with magnetic connectors designed by PST. The last letter of the product ID encodes the HV, e.g. PST-acc-U and PST-acc-T.

3. I am a Thermo NanoViper lover – What is the solution? 

A: We have reducing unions, enabling you to connect male NanoViper to 360um fused silica. Order code is -RU.

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