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Easy-Spray for Microflow applications

Easy-Spray for Microflow applications includes:

  • Sheath gas conversion kit.
  • Source insert with adjustable Sheath gas nozzle in order to optimize the distance between the sheath gas outlet and the spray emitter opening.
  • Designated source inserts for various applications, for example: calibration, microLC/MS, direct infusion, etc.
  • Metal emitter sprays sub-µL/min to over 30 µL/min
  • Negative and Positive ion sprays are equally stable and robust
  • Entire range of buffer compositions from 100% aqueous to 100% organic
  • Plug and Play in the Thermo Easy-Spray source
  • Non-clogging spray emitter – no narrow-bored region

The spray image above was from a PST-MTIP-50 spraying MeOH unassisted at 8 μL/min and at 2 KV – EasySpray ion source is a Thermo product.

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1. Capillary LC separation of a mixture of 3 oligonucleotides, 200ng/ml each, by nebulizing assisted Micro ESI-MS.

We thank H-K Lim, PhD, of the Janssen Research Lab, Johnson & Johnson, Springhouse, PA for collaboration and also for the permission to use the data and picture.

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