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Novel ways to make nano electro spray set-ups that are easy to work with.

Thermo nanoSpray Flex and EasySpray ion sources

MS Wil provides novel ways to make nano electro spray set-ups easy to work with. Within this category we also offer two “Sprayers” and emitters (previously known as the PepSep Sprayers).

These sprayers make use of an unique integrated Liquid Junction solution, where a metal electrode is mounted on the end of an emitter. The Liquid Junction now works, as a way to transfer the High Voltage to the liquid flow, but also positions the emitter inside the sprayer. The sprayer comes in two version: one built to fit the column entry of the EasySpray source. And the other one to mount on the bracket that sits on the XYZ-manipulator of the nanoSpray Flex ion source as depicted below.

Finally you can connect a column or transfer line to the sprayer by using a Viper®-like (1/16”) connector. This connector makes a zero dead volume connection to the end of the emitter/liquid junction, were a film of liquid between the parts conductions the electrical current and the metal liquid junction itself is not in the eluent flow.

PSS1: Sprayer for Nanospray Flex™ Ion Source

PSS2: Sprayer for EASY-Spray™ Ion Source

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