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DuoESI-MS Platform

Build for Superior Microflow and Nanoflow LC-MS

DuoESI Platform = DuoESI Source + M3 Emitter

The DuoESI source empowers the Newomics award-winning M3 multi-nozzle emitter, and MEA chip with a column monolithically integrated with a multinozzle emitter on a chip, to significantly enhance ionization efficiency and achieve high sensitivity, throughput, and robustness for multiomics analysis.

Its swappable microflow and nanoflow modules deliver two ion sources (nano/micro) in one, reducing sample preparation and SOPs. It is compatible with mass spectrometers from five of the world’s leading mass spec vendors. The DuoESI-MS Source is also compatible with IonOpticks’ TS Heated Columns.

Features & Benefits:

  • The first interchangeable microflow and nanoflow ion source by a simple swap
  • Compatible with all mass spectrometers from Thermo, Bruker, Agilent, and Shimadzu
  • Plug-and-play platform for nanoflow and microflow MEA chips
  • Plug-and-play platform for M3 emitters
  • Plug-and-play platform for IonOpticks’ TS Heated Columns
  • Receive two ion sources for the price of one

DuoESI Platform Specifications

Ionization ModeAtmospheric pressure electrospray ionization (ESI), both positive and negative mode.
ESI ProbeNewomics M3 Emitter
Open or Closed SystemSemi-closed source
Flow RateNano (20 – 1000 nL/min), for nanoMEA chips
Micro (1 – 50 µL/min), for M3 emitters and microMEA chips
Spray AngleFixed angle of 25° for emitters
0° angle for nanoMEA chips
Capillary Voltage0 – 6 kV
Spray Current0 – 10 µA, max. 40µA
Sheath Gas Flow Setting0 – 30 (arbitrary units)
N2 Nebulizer Gas Flow Setting0 – 60 psi
Auxiliary Gas Flow Setting0 – 20 (arbitrary units, optional)
Translational StageLinear XY-axis manual stage, ±5mm travel distance, 30µm travel accuracy
Camera1.3M pixels, 20x – 90x magnification rate, color CMOS sensor, up to 30 fps frame rate
Light SourceCool white (9000K) 5mm round LED light, luminous intensity 46400 mcd
ConnectionFace seal, finger-tight 10-32 threaded fittings including Thermo nanoViper, IDEX MarvelX and MarvelXACT, Waters ZenFit, Phenomenex SecurityLink, VICI Cheminert C360IZR1, and nanoConnect.
Unit DimensionWidth: 25 cm (9.8 in.)
Height: 17.5 cm (6.9 in.)
Depth: 15 cm (5.9 in.)
Unit Weight3kg (6.6 lbs)

Models and MS Compatibility

DuoESI Source Newomics

DuoESI Source for Agilent Mass Spectrometers. Compatible with: 6500 Series Q-TOF, 6400 Series QQQ, 6200 Series TOF, and all other Agilent Mass Spectrometers.

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DuoESI Source for Bruker Mass Spectrometers. Compatible with: timsTOF series (timsTOF Pro, timsTOF Pro2, timsTOF SCP, timsTOF flex), Compact, impact II, and maxis II QTOF MS, maXisTOF flex MALDI-2 MS (ESI side), solariX and scimaX MRMS; amazon Ion Trap MS.

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DuoESI Source for Thermo Scientific New Generation Mass Spectrometers. Compatible with: Orbitrap Exploris (120, 240, 480), Orbitrap Tribrid Series (Fusion, Lumos, ID-X, Eclipse, Ascend), TSQ Series II (Endura, Quantiva, Altis, Quantis, Fortis).

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DuoESI Source for Thermo Scientific Legacy Mass Spectrometers. Compatible with: Q Exactive Series (QE Focus, QE, QE Plus, QE HF, QE HFX, QE UHMR), Exactive Series (Exactive Plus, Exactive Plus EMR), Orbitrap Eite LTQ Series (LTQ XL, LTQ Orbitrap XL, Velos Pro), LCQ Fleet TSQ Series (Quantum, Vantage).

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