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Nimbus Single Column

Phoenix Nimbus Single Column Thermo NanoLC Source – Your choice when Price/ Performance matters

It’s time to rethink your NanoLC source design – with Nimbus Single Column

The Phoenix Thermo NanoLC Source (Nimbus Single Column) should be your first choice if you’re seeking a Nano LC ion source for your Thermo Orbitrap mass spectrometer. This source features sheath gas, and a high quality Video System comparable to the early Proxeon sources. In addition to that, this source is designed to adopt the Phoenix column ovens  – pencil & butterfly. The source is an easy DIY to mount, keeping your first time installation costs at zero.

Nimbus Single Column Source

Phoenix S&T offers conventional single column sources for the Thermo family of mass spectrometers. Upgrades to users’own Sciex Nanospray I, II, and III , and the Bruker Apollo source are also offered.


Single column sources for the Thermo mass spectrometers.

  • Lower cost
  • Full-function
  • Sheath gas-capable for the QE family of MS
  • Accommodates Phoenix S&T’s column heater
  • Spray imaging system is capable of viewing the spray during analysis.


Single column source upgrade for the Sciex Nanospray sources.

  • Usually the upgrade is for the upgrade to dual-column functions
  • Single column source usually includes a refurbished frame of a Nanospray I, II source.

Nimbus Single Column Source

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