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Pneu Nimbus Dual Column

A Dual-Column nanoESI Source that solves your Performance/ Throughput dilemma

Pneumatic actuation of column switching utilizes the auxiliary gas output of the MS – no extra compressed air supply. The design simplifies the actuation, especially for dual column operation in workplaces where throughput matters.  

The magnetic dual column rail is designed to mount and lease in seconds without any tools. Hence column installation can be on the bench. The rail design is ideal for those packing columns on their own, as it can pick up magnetic HV where needed – in order to enable minimum transfer volumes of the system.

Optional features include a fine emitter to emitter position adjustment and second camera. So you can benefit form production and flexibility in a way no OEM source offers – plus the productivity you often miss in NanoLC work flows. Nimbus is highly effective for biological sample matrix analyses , e.g. proteomics, metabolomics, biomarker discovery and method development  

Phoenix Pneu Nimbus
Phoenix Pneu Nimbus
Phoenix Pneu Nimbus

Pneu Nimbus Dual Column Source features/advantages:

  • Substantially reduces carryover and improves data quality by washing the sample, column and emitter off-axis.
  • On-board computer positions one column for analysis while performing off-axis loading, washing and equilibration on the second column.
  • Dual column automated system increases NanoLC throughput by up to 100%.
  • Compatible with Phoenix S&T’s Pencil column heaters and Butterfly heaters.
  • Third column position for calibration available in the motorized Nimbus source.
  • User-select analysis with sheath-gas or without sheath gas during nanospray.
  • Robust clog-free spray emitters – utilizes nitrogen to purge the emitter before initiating nanospray.
  • Two modes of operation: alternating analysis between the two columns or triplicate runs on each column for clinical applications.
  • Highly effective for biological sample matrix analyses, e.g. proteomics, metabolomics, biomarker discovery and method development.
  • No separate computer or new software package is needed.
  • Compact and economical – Simple push buttons control the fine adjustment of the column and emitter positions.

Visit our online catalog, and request your quote.

Click here to visit our online catalog, and request your quote for the Pneu Nimbus Dual Column Source.

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