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CoAnn nanoLC Columns

A wide array of Columns for a very wide range of NanoLC Applications.

CoAnn develops Ultrasensitive High-Resolution NanoLC Columns for Proteomics analysis. CoAnn Columns are available in many varieties, sizes, and with or without connectors. In order to find the right ones for you, please contact us for more information, or make use of the filters in our online catalog to see which ones fit your research best.

Available for many key applications, including:

  • Single Cell Proteomics Ultra-Sensitive NanoLC Columns
  • Top-Down Proteomics High-Resolution NanoLC Columns
  • Bottom-Up Proteomics High-Quality NanoLC Columns
  • Middle-Down Proteomics High-Efficiency NanoLC Columns
  • Phosphoproteomics Sensitive NanoLC Columns
  • Peptide and Protein Fractionation Columns
  • Metabolite Separation Columns
  • MicroSPE and ESI Emitters

CoAnn nanoLC Columns

CoAnn NanoLC Columns – Formats

Integrated nanoLC columns are recommended for acquiring high quality mass spectrometry proteomic datasets.

CoAnn Separated Tip Column

Separated nanoLC columns are recommended for analyzing rough proteomic samples and testing analysis methods.

Product Performance

CoAnn developed new nanoLC column techniques that allow making even narrower integrated columns such as with 10-15 um inner diameters and higher resolution integrated columns enabling assignment of >13,000 proteins in a single experiment than those previously reported (poster below) in 2018.

For more information about the different columns that CoAnn offers, see their website: www.coanntech.com.

For more information on CoAnn Technologies, click here.

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