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PepSep develops and produces high quality accessories used in nanoLC and nanoESI applications, especially focussed on the field of Proteomics.

All PepSep columns are packed in Polyimide coated Fused Silica with an outer diameter (OD) at 360 µm.

To ensure smooth blunt ended connections between transfer lines, column and spray emitters, the column entrance and exit are finely polished and individually inspected in microscope.

To minimize post-column eluent mixing, the precise positioned potassium silicate frit is as short as possible, 250-350 µm.

Separation Columns

The separation columns are packed with ReproSil 1,5 µm, 1,9 µm or 3 µm C18 beads, pore diameter 120Å. They come in various lengths (L) and inner diameters (ID) and with or without connecting unions.

Columns with pre-mounted UHP and nanoConnect connections
The separation columns can be bought with pre-mounted unions.

For safe and easy connection to the high pressure end of the column we have a 10-32 thread female union making connedtion to most LC systems, with 1/16 connectors, easy and precise. The UHP connection is tested to be used 1000 bar.

In the low pressure end we have a nanoConnect connector with a 10-32 thread male union making connection to any 10-32 thread receiving union easy and reliable. The nanoConnect system ensures a zero dead volume connection to any but connected emitter connected to a 10-32 thread union.

For our full offer in PepSep nanoConnect connectors, click here to visit our online catalog.

UHP union


Column with UHP union and nanoConnect

Trap Columns

The trap columns are packed with ReproSil 3 µm or 5 µm C18 beads, pore diameter 120Å. They come with a column length (CL) of 2 cm. Total length (L) of the capillary is 6 cm. The inner diameters (ID) are 100 or 150 µm

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