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CoAnn Fritted SelfPack Columns

Available in different inner diameters and lengths

As a provider of high performance packed nanoLC columns and emitters, CoAnn Technologies recently added empty fritted SelfPack columns to their range of products.

CoAnn SelfPack columns feature a sintered frit, that will assists your packing particles to stack evenly during the packing procedure. The frit also avoids clogging of the tip while packing your column.

CoAnn columns and emitters all feature an etched pulled emitter. This etching step sharpens the emitter, which in turn will yield a more stable spray and with that more sensitive analysis. Please keep in mind that these tips may need slightly different settings of your inlet capillary and distance of the tip to the MS-orifice. For an optimal performance some initial tweaking may be needed.

CoAnn SelfPack columns are available in different inner diameters and length, all columns feature a 15µm ID Tip.

Column FeatureType OutletID (µm)Length (cm)OD (µm)Tip IDFittingsPack SizeOperation Pressure (psi)

For our complete offer of CoAnn Fritted SelfPack Columns, or to request your quote: visit our catalog.

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