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Proteoform ProTrap XG

Sample Preparation delivering the highest purity with the greatest yield, in the simplest way possible.

Fueling precision medicine frontiers from therapeutics to vaccines to biomarker discovery, the ProTrap XG has been proven to remove more SDS than practically all other techniques available – delivering the highest purity with the greatest yield, in the simplest way possible.

Clean samples = Less MS downtime

Achieving optimal protein characterization means working with the purest samples possible. Solvent precipitation is the best way to remove salts, lipids, and detergents from your sample, but it’s hard to perform consistently across multiple samples and multiple users. The ProTrap XG makes precipitation fast and easily reproducible.

End precipitation guess work & achieve better results

With the ProTrap XG, users no longer have to sacrifice sample loss for purity or vice versa. High recovery can now be achieved without having to rely on technique and expertise. The consistency of samples prepared in the ProTrap XG means better MS data outputs every single time.

Digestion, clean-up & fractionation – all in one device

Operating in bench-top centrifuge, the ProTrap XG offers users versatility, efficiency, and scalability in sample preparation.

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ProTrap XG Features

Delivers 99.8% purity Recovers >95% of proteins Prepares samples in minutes Easy to use Eliminates time-consuming pipetting Enables subsequent protein digestion, cleanup and fractionation all in one cartridgeReduces risk of equipment contamination, damage and expensive mass spectrometer downtime Supports streamlined workflows and training Cost-effective per sample prepared Brings consistency, scalability and versatility to sample prep

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