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Pure-Pass well plates & sealing mats

Low Bleed – High Clarity – Protect

High-throughput, automated laboratory workflows demand the highest quality consumables to reduce instrument downtime and minimize the need for repeat analyses. Pure-Pass™ well plates and sealing mats are designed and manufactured to stringent quality standards to minimize contaminants that can affect assay results and also for dimensional compliance with ANSI/SLAS ensure compatibility with a wide range of automated equipment.

Pure-Pass well plates

Trajan’s as-molded, untreated plates are manufactured from a high purity polypropylene copolymer, making them some of the cleanest uncoated plastic plates on the market. For applications where plastic simply cannot be used, their advanced glass-like barrier coated well plates may be an option. They can achieve a high-quality glass-like surface that could be an alternative to typical glass inserts.

Pure-Pass Well Plates & Sealing Mats

Pure-Pass uncoated well plates

  • Manufactured from a high clarity, high purity polypropylene copolymer for ultra-low extractables.
  • Molded in a clean room.
  • Meets all ANSI and SLAS standards.

Pure-Pass glass barrier coated well plates

  • All the benefits of the ultra-clean untreated well plates, with the addition of a glass barrier for added protection against extractables.
  • Surface chemistry like glass could significantly reduce adsorption risk.

Pure-Pass sealing mats

Pure-Pass sealing mats protect wells from leaks, contamination, and evaporation during sampling and storage. Pure-Pass sealing mats are available in clean room molded EVA and a specially processed low bleed, low-extractable silicone to reduce sticking and a pre-slit version is available for easier piercing and sample withdrawal.

All mats are for 96 well plates with 7 mm diameter wells. Excellent dimensional conformance with ANSI/SLAS ensures enhanced registration with the plate for ease of application. Each mat has an alphanumeric grid reference.

Pure-Pass Well Plates Sealing Mats

Pure-Pass EVA sealing mats

  • EVA sealing mats are clean room molded.
  • Dome shape plugs ease insertion and thin web eases piercing.

Pure-Pass silicone sealing mats

  • Offers the excellent chemical resistance of silicone.
  • Specially processed to reduce risk of accidental sample contamination (low bleed/ extractables).
  • Available in non-slit and slit versions. The slit version enhances sample recovery by reducing vacuum formation.
  • Plasma coating reduces the natural tackiness of silicone.

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