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Experience and Innovation for targeted protein quantification.

Looking for a way to increase your LC-MS method accuracy for targeted protein quantification? Promise Proteomics has developed a solution to quality control your tryptic digestion, called DIGESTIF. Digestif is a new generic standard designed to release indicators peptides which reflect the efficency of the digestion step on any bottom-up experiment. 

Promise Proteomics Digestif is an easy solution to Quality Control your Tryptic Digestion, Retention time reproducibility and Fragmentation efficiency by following these four steps:

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Digestif – Labelled 13C15NQuality control of tryptic digestion10 – 100 – 500 µg/tubeRequest quote
Digestif – UnlabelledQuality control of tryptic digestion10 – 100 – 500 µg/tubeRequest quote

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Promise’s Digestif can be used to standardize a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from simple replicate measurements up to large-scale biomarker screenings in biomedical applications. 

  • Digestif comprises a soluble recombinant protein scaffold + 11 artificial peptides (iRT) with good ionization.
  • Amino acids flanking iRT cleavage site either favour or hinder protease cleavage.
  • Retention time & relative intensity pattern of released iRT can assess the quality of sample workup, the extent of digestion, LC-MS performance & inter/intra-lab variability
  • Reference: DIGESTIF: A Universal Quality Standard for the Control of Bottom-Up Proteomics Experiments. J Proteome Res. 2015 Feb 6;14(2):787-803

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