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Quality Control

Experience and Innovation for targeted protein quantification.

Promise Proteomics Digestif is an easy solution to Quality Control your Tryptic Digestion, Retention time reproducibility and Fragmentation efficiency by following these four steps:

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Digestif – Labelled 13C15NQuality control of tryptic digestion10 – 100 – 500 µg/tube
Digestif – UnlabelledQuality control of tryptic digestion10 – 100 – 500 µg/tube

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  • Digestif comprises a soluble recombinant protein scaffold + 11 artificial peptides (iRT) with good ionization.
  • Amino acids flanking iRT cleavage site either favour or hinder protease cleavage.
  • Retention time & relative intensity pattern of released iRT can assess the quality of sample workup, the extent of digestion, LC-MS performance & inter/intra-lab variability
  • Reference: DIGESTIF: A Universal Quality Standard for the Control of Bottom-Up Proteomics Experiments. J Proteome Res. 2015 Feb 6;14(2):787-803

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