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CoAnn Pulled Emitters

Since autumn of 2019 MS Wil has worked with CoAnn Technologies for the supply of their integrated and separated emitter columns and as of recently their pulled Fused Silica emitters. CoAnn Technologies, founded by a team of people who used to work at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and still based in Richland WA, USA.

CoAnn started producing these pulled emitters for use with their separated capillary columns and we have a number of customer in Europe who have been successfully using them. Below you find a picture showing the tip in more detail.

Detailed picture of the CoAnn Tip

Available Emitter Tips

CoAnn emitter Tips are available in the formats below, as standard they are supplied with a 7cm length, different lengths are available. The Tip varies from 2-15µm as the capillary ID gets wider. The tips are pulled and sharpened for proving maximal ESI MS sensitivity.

Product #OD (µm)ID (µm)Tip ID (µm)Length
TIP100201036020107, 10, 12


For our complete offer of CoAnn Pulled Emitters, visit our catalog.

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For more information on CoAnn Technologies, click here.


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