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MicrOmics Emitters

Ideal for Single Cell Proteomics

MicrOmics Technologies LLC was founded to make advanced technologies available to scientists seeking to extend the capabilities of their LC-MS workflow, particularly for increased sensitivity and analysis of smaller samples (e.g., single-cell proteomics).

Stinger Emitters

MicrOmics Stinger emitters
Shown: 10 µm ID

These Stinger Emitters provide Optimal Performance Across the Nanoflow Regime (5-1000 nL/min). Fabricated using a proprietary chemical etching process, these nanospray emitters provide unprecendented performance.

Part Nr.ID (µm)Length (cm)OD (µm)FeaturePack Size
EM-10-360-5pk105.5360Ideal for 5-100 nL/min5
EM-20-360-5pk205.5360Ideal for 50-1000 nL/min5

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Key Features:

  • No clog-prone internal taper, providing uninterrupted operation
    • >100 LC-MS analyses performed with a single emitter
    • Taper-free chemically etched emitters have been found to last 4x longer on average than pulled silica emitters
  • Outstanding spray stability and robustness
  • Rigorously inspected prior to packaging


  • 250 nM 15 peptide mixture
  • 25% acetonitrile in water, 0.1% formic acid
  • 5 nL/min
  • 1 kV ESI potential
Stinger emitters - Spray performance 1

Unprecendented flow stability across a wide range of flow rates. Scans below were obtained using a 10-µm-ID emitter.

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