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PepSep nESI Emitters

nESI Emitters to Optimize nanoflow Proteomics Workflows.

Bruker now manufactures PepSep’s specialty Stainless Steel, and Fused Silica emitters to optimize nanoflow proteomics workflows. The Fused Silica and Stainless Steel Emitters with 1/32” PEEK sleeve, can be used in custom made setups. The emitters are polished with fine diamond films to give a perfect tapered tip. All emitters are available in different lengths and widths, and feature an outer diameter (OD) of 150 µm.

After having manufactured metal and fused silica emitters, Pepsep also introduced a set of the bespoke “integrated Liquid Junction” emitters (to combine with our ESI-Sprayers). This last development was done in collaboration with Evosep Biosystem, who use these sprayers with their Evosep One system. The Bruker-Pepsep 1893517 Stainless Steel Emitters are a one-to-one replacement for Thermo Scientific™ ES542 emitters.

Stainless Steel and Fused Silica Emitters:

Part Nr.MaterialID (µm)Length (cm)OD (µm)Feature
1893519Fused Silica1031501/32″ PEEK sleeve
1893520Fused Silica1041501/32″ PEEK sleeve
1893521Fused Silica1051501/32″ PEEK sleeve
1893522Fused Silica2031501/32″ PEEK sleeve
1893523Fused Silica2041501/32″ PEEK sleeve
1893524Fused Silica2051501/32″ PEEK sleeve
1893516Stainless Steel3031501/32″ PEEK sleeve
1893517Stainless Steel3041501/32″ PEEK sleeve
1893518Stainless Steel3051501/32″ PEEK sleeve
1895788Stainless Steel3071501/32″ PEEK sleeve
Fused Silica Tip
Metal Tip

Stainless Steel and Fused Silica Emitters for use with Pepsep Sprayers

Part Nr.MaterialID (µm)Length (cm)OD (µm)Feature
1893527Fused Silica102.6150Integrated liquid junction
1893528Fused Silica202.6150Integrated liquid junction
1893525Stainless Steel302.6150Integrated liquid junction
LIquid Junction Emitter
Emitter with integrated Liquid Junction

For our full offer of PepSep nESI Emitters, visit our catalog.

For more information on Bruker-PepSep, click here.

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