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Bruker-PepSep Emitters

Providing high chromatographic performance and great spray stability

Bruker’s CaptiveSpray 2 Emitters cater to the specific requirements of both CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra. Benefit from their zero-dead volume connection, guaranteeing the highest level of chromatographic performance. The 10 µm and 20 µm ID emitter tips provide exceptional spray stability across all flow rates, ensuring consistent and accurate results.

In addition, Bruker also offers two ZDV Sprayers, and the line of PepSep fused silica emitters with Liquid Junction.

Bruker-PepSep Emitter Portfolio:

Part Nr.DescriptionID (µm)
1865710ZDV Sprayer 20µm20
1865691ZDV Sprayer 10µm10
1811107CaptiveSpray 2 Emitter 20µm, Pack of 220
1811112CaptiveSpray 2 Emitters 10µm, Pack of 210

Stainless Steel and Fused Silica Emitters for use with Pepsep Sprayers

PepSep fused silica emitters with Liquid Junction are available in different lengths and widths. All emitters have an outer diameter of 150 µm. Integrated liquid junction (LJ) is to be used with PepSep sprayer.

Part Nr.MaterialID (µm)Length (cm)OD (µm)Feature
1893527Fused Silica102.6150Integrated liquid junction
1893528Fused Silica202.6150Integrated liquid junction
1893525Stainless Steel302.6150Integrated liquid junction
Emitter with integrated Liquid Junction

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