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Fossil Ion Tech nESI Emitters

Stable and repeatable nano electro-spray with precision micro-machined, fully traceable and elongated emitters.

The Sharp Singularity Emitters

Stable and repeatable signals require extremely tight tolerances at the microscopic scale. Our unique micro-machining process produces:

  • extremely sharp emitters with a
  • constant inner diameter (down to 10 μm ID), and
  • very tight tolerances.

Know everything about each emitter. Each and every emitter is inspected and photographed. Moreover, you will get a quality control and traceability report for every emitter.

Why sharper is better:

The minimum wetting contact angle an emitter can accommodate is limited by its angle. Therefore, sharper emitters can accommodate wider wetting angles.

The electrostatic fields tangent to the surface of the emitter keeps the meniscus centered and aiming straight by compensating for the effect of the surface tension, which pushes the liquid to climb backwards. Sharper emitters produce more stable sprays because the tangent component of the electrostatic field is stronger. Sharper emitters can accommodate a wider range of local electric fields (voltages), surface tensions and wetting contact angles.

Pulling vs. Sharpening:

  • Pulled capillaries form extremely small tip IDs, but they can be prone to clogging because the inner diameter decreases along the capillary length.
  • Micro-machined capillaries can be more repeatable and robust because they can reach very tight geometric tolerances with a constant inner diameter, less prone to clogging. But achieving very sharp edges is more difficult because more material needs to be removed.
  • FIT’s unique micro-machining process produces very sharp emitters (7.5º semi-angle) with tight geometric tolerances and a constant ID. Thus, combining the advantages of pulled and normal tapered emitters.

Identify the best emitter geometry for you:

We recommend specifying the right length for your application so that you do not need to cleave the emitter. The Sharp Singularity emitters are straight cut and polished at the back in order to ensure that they sit properly in their fitting. For special requirements, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Full Quality and Traceability by default

All emitters are delivered with a Quality and Traceability control report, with microscopy photos in order to ensure you have all details about your spray. Download Quality and Traceability Report examples.

Traceability & Quality Control Report


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