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Trajan Tapered Emitters

Maximize reproducibility with tight-tolerance fused-silica and smooth surface finishes

After a long process of modelling and experimenting, Trajan managed to develop their new robust nESI-emitters. Trajan tapered nanospray emitters are designed for those seeking maximum reproducibility, reliability, and sensitivity in their ESI-MS workflows. Available in a wide range of lengths, inner diameters, and coating options make Trajan’s tapered emitters suitable for most source configurations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for every workflow
  • High performance
  • Inert fused silica material
  • Clog-resistant constant bore
  • Low dead-volume with precision cleaved ends
  • Metalized with non-conductive tip (FAIMS compatible).
Trajan Tapered Emitters

Which Emitter Tip is Right for you?

Trajan emitters are currently available in standard lengths of 40mm, 50mm, and 62,5mm (uncoated) and 50mm (distal-coated). Contact us to help you identify the best emitter to suit your workflow and applications.

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