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Capillary Polishing Station

Make near perfect glass capillary ends in the lab, to give optimal chromatographic response and robustness.

The Capillary Polishing Station, or CPS, allows you to easily make near perfect glass capillary ends in the lab, in order to give optimal chromatographic response and robustness. Other products have recently been introduced. For example the Digital Imaging Station and the pressure vessel PV-1500 for imaging and packing glass capillary columns. Giving a full suite of products for exceptional LC/MS system performance.

Capillary Polishing Station 2

Introducing the new and improved Capillary Polishing Station 2 (CPS-2), available exclusively from ESI Source Solutions. This device provides a simple means to make clean polished ends on various OD glass capillaries tubing and 1/16″ PEEK tubing as well. This is essential for reliable high-sensitivity capillary chromatography. The device consists of two parts, the polishing base and the capillary jig, shown below.

The new Capillary Polishing Station has three disks of lapping film, a 30 micron (um) aluminum oxide disk (green), a 15 um diamond disk (orange) and 1 um diamond disk (purple or white), which are located in the approximate locations shown. Guide sleeves for different OD glass capillary tubing are also included, one for 360 um and one for 280 um tubing.

Imaging the ends of the glass capillaries is critical to the polishing process. We highly recommend the use of our Digital Imaging Station (DIS, above right), as it has all the bits needed to inspect your work and display the images on a PC (not included) without the fuss of optical microscopy. All images of capillaries here are using the DIS.

How do I use CPS?


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