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Nanospray Tip Assembly Kit for Flex Ion Source

Upgrade your Thermo Scientific Flex Ion Source

UPGRADE your Thermo Scientific Flex Ion source with our Nanospray Tip Assembly kit. This system allows any non-pulled tip analytical column to connect to a liquid junction with replaceable steel or glass tips.

The assembly kit is easy to install, and includes:

  • Nanospray Tip Assembly
  • High voltage cable with 1/4″ quick connect clip
  • VICI Cheminert stainless steel micro union
  • VICI PEEK nut ferrules (5 pc)
  • Capillary Transfer line, 360µm OD x 20µm x 20cm (5pc)
  • Red aluminium micro nut ferrucel wrench
  • Steel open end wrench, 3/16” / 1/4″.

The only thing you will still need are nanospray tips or emitters.

Nanospray Tip Assembly Kit 2

In addition to the Nanospray Tip Assembly Kit, you can purchase fused silica Stinger tips (by MicrOmics) separately, which connect directly to the micro union. This system also uses high quality steel or fused silica PepSep emitters which need a micro sleeve.

The system connects directly to the source, using either glass or steel spray tips with post-column HV liquid junction and finished capillary transfer lines. Nothing produces more consistent nanospray.

Nanospray Tip Assembly Kit 1

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