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Newomics Flow Splitting Kit

Analyze samples at microflow without changing their current high flow LC and column setups with Newomics’ Flow Splitting Kit.

The Newomics Flow Splitting Kit converts a conventional analytical flow rate to a wide range of microflow rates (1-25 microliter per min). Typically, you would have to purchase a new LC instrument to do this, but the Newomics Flow Splitting Kit is compatible with many high flow LC systems widely found in research labs.

The advantage is that it allows you to analyze samples at microflow without changing their current high flow LC and column setups. The kit offers flexible configurations to seamlessly integrate Newomics MnESI source and M3 multinozzle emitters to your analytical LC/MS workflows. Pairing the Flow Splitting Kit with the MnESI source and M3 emitter outperforms routine analytical flow mass spectrometry and delivers higher sensitivity. In addition, using a very small fraction of sample material significantly reduces sample contamination to the mass spectrometers and thus improves workflow robustness.

Product No.ProductFlow RateSplitting Ratios
FSK-01Flow Splitting Kit for Microflow LC/MS1 – 5 µL/min1:50, 1:100, 1:200
FSK-02Flow Splitting Kit for Microflow LC/MS5 – 15 µL/min1:10, 1:20, 1:50
FSK-03Flow Splitting Kit for Microflow LC/MS10 – 25 µL/min1:10, 1:20, 1:50
FSK-10Flow Splitting Kit for Microflow LC/MSCustomCustom

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