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Zircofit UHPLC crimping tool

Zircofit UHPLC crimping tool connects 1/16″ PEEK sleeves onto your 360um OD fused silica tubing – up to UHPLC pressures

Don`t we all dream of the capability to fit a regular 1/16″ VICI-nut to a 360µm Fused Silica line in your own lab – just as needed?
Well, maybe this dream became true….

The Zircofit UHPLC concept uses a crimping tool adapted for the purpose of nanoLC sleeve crimping. The consumable part of Zircofit is a CNC lathe 1/16″ PEEK sleeve with a crimp-able metal collar crafted to exactly the same 1/16″ OD as a normal sleeve.

That way, one gets a PEEK sleeve with a metal section one can crimp onto the fused silica tubing. The crimping makes a rock solid connection of your sleeve onto the 360um OD fused silica – regardless of the applied LC pressure. The connection is so solid that it becomes impossible to slip / skip / slide  under LC pressure and/or LC injection pressure pulses.

Optimum system performance is often affected by sleeve related dead volumes or failure. Consumable part can be re-ordered. An optional teflon tubing added prior crimping adds extra protection to your fused silica.

This is all you need to make reliable UHPLC compliant 1/16″ sleeves onto your fused silica tubing.

Below, please find a set of pictures taken during use of the Zircofrit kit.

Once a Zircofit sleeve is put onto your fused silica tubing, one only needs to level the fused silica with the sleeve, crimp and its done. A correct crimp is so strong that one can not move the sleeve any more, forming a bond suitable for UHPLC pressures.

Starter Kit Contents:

  • 1 pc.     ZircoFit Crimp Tool
  • 10 pcs. 1/16″ ZircoFit Sleeve, 10 mm
  • 10 pcs. 1/16″ ZircoFit Sleeve, 13 mm
  • 20 pcs. Vici SS Nut 1/16″ and SS 316 Ferrule 1/16″
  • 1 pc.     10/363 Fused Silica, 2.5m
  • 1 pc.     25/363 Fused Silica, 2.5m
  • 1 pc.     50/363 Fused Silica, 2.5m
  • 1 pc.     75/363 Fused Silica, 2.5m
  • 1 pc.     Fused Silica Cutter (Cleaving Stone)
  • 1 pc.     PTFE 1×0.5 Shield Tubing, 5m
  • 1 pc.     Toolcase holding all parts of the kit

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