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New Objective Alternatives

We are sorry to inform you that we are no longer able to supply New Objective products. In order to ensure that you can continue your research, we have teamed up with new suppliers who provide excellent alternatives for these New Objective products.

Please have a look at the table below and find out which alternative(s) will work for your experimental set-up. The table provides an overview of the alternatives for your New Objective product of choice.

If you still can’t find a good alternative, please do not hesitate to contact us and explain us your challenge, we will then work with you to find a suitable solution. You can reach us by mail, phone, or by chat (see WhatsApp-button on the bottom left of the website).

New Objective Article CodeAlternative SupplierAlternative Article CodeDimensions
FS360-20-10-N-10.5CTCoAnnTIP100100320 µm ID x 7 cm L x 365 µm OD
FS360-20-10-N-20-C12CoAnn TIP1001003 20 µm ID x 7 cm L x 365 µm OD
FS360-20-10-D-20CoAnn TIP1001003
(No coated alternatives)
20 µm ID x 7 cm L x 365 µm OD
xx Shop FS360- Alternatives
PF360-75-10-N-5CoAnnICT36007515F-15-5360 µm ID x 75 µm ID x 15 cm L, 10-15 µm Tip ID
PF360-75-15-N-5 CoAnn ICT36007515F-15-5 360 µm ID x 75 µm ID x 15 cm L, 10-15 µm Tip ID
PF360-100-15-N-5 CoAnnICT36010015F-15-5 360 µm ID x 100 µm ID x 15 cm L, 15 µm Tip ID
xx Shop PF360- Alternatives
FS360-75-15-N-5-C20 to 50CoAnnICT36015030-50-5360 µm OD x 150 µm ID x 50 cm L, 15 µm Tip ID
xx Shop FS360-75- Alternative
BG12-94-4-CE-20?No alternative available yet
Econo12?No alternative available yet

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