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New Products

New Products

Since it is our goal to be a one-stop-shop for fine Mass Spectrometry Tools, we are constantly searching for new products to extend our portfolio. Even during the Summer Holidays we have been busy looking for new solutions to optimize your research, and help Make your Science Work.

Therefore, we would like to present to you an overview of our new products:

Aurora UHPLC Columns

IonOpticks produces high-performance nanoflow chromatography solutions, including their high-performance and user-friendly Aurora UHPLC Columns.

Delivering unrivalled coverage, throughput, sensitivity and reproducibility, Generation 3 Aurora SeriesTM columns embody all of the strengths of previous generations, augmented by three years of intense research, development and industry collaboration.

With enhanced robustness and reliability, the Generation 3 nanoZero® fitting holds over 1700bar and eliminates all pre-column dead volume.

Three types of columns:
– Aurora ULTIMATE (25 cm nanoflow UHPLC packed emitter column with nanoZero fitting)
– Aurora ELITE (15cm nanoflow UHPLC packed emitter column with nanoZero fitting)
– Aurora RAPID (5cm micro flow UHPLC packed emitter column with nanoZero fitting).

Bullet Blender Homogenizer

If you need to disrupt, homogenize, dissociate or lyse cells, animal tissues or plant matter, arm your laboratory with the Bullet Blender homogenizer.

No other homogenizer comes close to delivering the Bullet Blender’s winning combination of top quality performance, superior results and affordability.

Bullet Blenders maintain the temperature of your samples and not just that of the chamber. Dry ice cooling maintains sample temperature at about 4°C irrespective of the ambient air temperature.

Key Benefits:

  • Superior Results: Patented technology enables thorough and consistent homogenization while preventing temperature increase in samples, thereby preserving the quality and yield of the end products.
  • No Cross Contamination: No probes to clean between samples, so there is no cross contamination of samples.
  • Best value: More affordable due to a simple, reliable design. Standard tube compatibility keeps operating costs low.

Checkit Go

Checkit Go is the easiest, quickest and most accurate way to verify up to 8 pipette channels in seconds. Don’t spend time stressing about whether the pipetting in your experiments are accurate. Use Checkit Go as your new standard for validating your pipettes and rest assured.

The Checkit Go is an easy-to-use, stand-alone, disposable cartridge. With it, you can check the accuracy of your liquid handling robots or multi-channel pipettes in just seconds. No additional equipment is required.

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate: Directly measures liquid volume. Limits evaporation.
  • Sample Appropriate: Validate using your own sample liquid.
  • Fast: Done in under 10 seconds!
  • Convenient: On-the-spot verification. Use in well plate holder in robot bed.
  • Cost-Effective: No capital equipment or training required. Saves time.

MagReSyn magnetic microparticles

ReSyn Biosciences aims to improve the reproducibility and automation of Mass Spectrometry and Bioseparation workflows. Therefore, they developed their MagReSyn® ultra-capacity high performance magnetic microparticles for Mass Spec Sample preparation.

ReSyn developed a novel microparticle technology platform, comprising a hyper-porous polymer matrix that allows penetration of biological and synthetic molecules throughout the volume of the microparticles.This offers exceptionally high surface area for binding of molecules and allows performance that is orders of magnitude greater than alternate technologies. The binding capacity serves as a major performance contributor to the number of applications and versatility for end-user applications, and further enables miniaturization, increased sensitivity and reducing the cost of R&D.

Still some questions left regarding these new products? Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+31492745710), or by mail (sales@mswil.com).

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