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the Netherlands

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When it comes to turnaround times for mission critical consumables, we understand that quick turnaround is better!

New Objective stock items

Thereof, we maintain a rolling stock of the most frequently ordered New Objective items including:

Last update June 24, 2019 - THIS IS FLOATING STOCK !!

Feel free to inquire for added parts... as long as you can foresee a frequent order rate

Item Amount
FS360-20-10-D-5-C7 1
FS360-20-10-N-20-C10,5CT 1
FS360-20-10-N-5-C20 1
FS360-20-50-N-20 1
FS360-50-50-N-2 1
FS360-75-15-D-5 2
FS360-75-15-N-5-C50 5
FS360-75-30-CE-20-C12 1
FS360-75-8-N-5-C50 3
PF360-75-15-N-5 1
TT360-20-15-N-5CT 1