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When it comes to turnaround times for mission critical consumables, we understand that quick turnaround is better!

New Objective notice

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, New Objective has drastically reduced their product offering.

Please contact us and we will be able to assist you in finding alternatives to keep your research going!

Below you find out rolling stock, we reorder on a regular basis.

Last update September 21, 2020

SupplierArtikel codeDescriptionStock
CoAnn TechnologiesHRT07505003004S75 um ID x 50 cm L x 365 um OD1,00
CoAnn TechnologiesTIP1001002-5ESI Emitter used for separated nanoLC Columns1,00
CoAnn TechnologiesTIP1001003ESI Emitter used for separated nanoLC Columns:2,00
CoAnn TechnologiesTIP1005015-5ESI Emitter Fused Silica: 50 µm ID x 7 cm L x 365 µm OD1,00
New Objective, Inc.MT320-100-3.5-5Metal TaperTip: 320 OD, 100 ID, 3.5 cm, 5 per box1,00
New Objective, Inc.NOTNTC18Trap’nTips: C18 sample prep tips for offline nanospray1,00
New Objective, Inc.TT360-20-5-D-5Polished TaperTip Emitter1,00
New Objective, Inc.TT360-20-6.35-N-20-CTPolished TaperTip Emitter1,00
New Objective, Inc.TT360-20-4.05-N-5-CTPolished TaperTip Emitter4,00
Newomics Inc.E8N10MU01Newomics® M3 Emitters, 10 μm I.D. –  8 nozzles13,00
Next AdvanceCAP-75Fused Silica Capillary Tubing4,00
Next AdvanceFRIT-KITKit to create frits in capillaries. Includes formamide,6,00
Next AdvanceSTRBR5X2Stirbar, 5 x 2mm teflon coated magnetic stirbar.10,00
PepSepPSFSE10Fused silica emitter ID 10 µm OD 150 µm.7,00
PepSepPSFSE20Fused silica emitter ID 20 µm OD 150 µm, 4 pack1,00
PepSepPSFSELJ10Fused silica emitter, ID 10µm, integrated liquid junction.2,00
PepSepPSS1nESI Sprayer, designed for Thermo Flex nano Source1,00
PepSepPSS2EasySpray adapter used to connect any nanoConnect column to6,00
Phoenix S&T, Inc.PST-CH-15UPencil Long 15 cm1,00
Phoenix S&T, Inc.PST-CH-20UPencil column heater for Fused Silica, PicoFrit-type 20 cm1,00
Phoenix S&T, Inc.PST-ES-BPHI-20Butterfly heater with electrically insulated heating surface2,00
Phoenix S&T, Inc.PST-ESR-15Easy-spray heater; HV cable only, 15 cm1,00
Phoenix S&T, Inc.PST-ESR-25TEasy-spray heater; HV cable and Tee (gold wire), 25 cm1,00
Phoenix S&T, Inc.PST-ES-UEasy-spray adapter; HV cable and union1,00
Vici AG InternationalC360ETMake up extender tool for 360um nuts7,00
Vici AG InternationalC360IZR1S6FSInternal reducer 1/16*360um,7,00
Vici AG InternationalC360NFFSNut, 360um, No Twist, SS/gold plated13,00
Vici AG InternationalC360NFPKGNut, 360um, No Twist, PEEK5,00
Vici AG InternationalC360RU.5FS2Reducing union 1/32″ to 360um1,00
Vici AG InternationalC360RU1FS6Reducing union 1/16″ to 360um, SS1,00
Vici AG InternationalC360UFS2Union, 360um, 50um bore,2,00
Vici AG InternationalIZR1.5Internal reducer 1/16″*1/32″ .25mm bore, SS4,00
Vici AG InternationalZT1CTee, SS, 0.25 mm bore, 1/16″, 10-32, complete1,00
Adaptas Solutions342015MINI ION TRIODE 90 DEGREE ELBOW W1,00
Adaptas Solutions971110Model 971 Micro Cryo-Trap, electronics controller,1,00
Adaptas Solutions3040101110Shortix Maintenance Kit2,00
Adaptas SolutionsMF2JKCBKoby Mercury Adsorption Filter2,00
Adaptas SolutionsQF25100SP25SS FLANGE ADAPTOR2,00
Adaptas SolutionsSPV1000Straight Pyrex Glass Sample Vials for Mass Spec1,00
ETP Ion Detect Pty. Ltd.14133HETP AF133H Electron Multiplier1,00
MS WilF151Micro Fingertight Ferrule 0.015″ ID (single)4,00
MS Wil0019535F-PE-0.47 5UL SYRINGE4,00
MS Wil00200310F-7 10UL SYRINGE2,00
MS WilPRXCP O-ringO-Ring for Proxeon Column Loader SP0351,00

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