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Phoenix S&T provides innovative nanospray and microspray systems such as column heaters & Nimbus sources

Reduce your NanoLC backpressure

Phoenix S&T Nano LC column heaters are widely accepted among the proteomics community and we want you to benefit from this cost effective way of reduced column backpressure. Heat allows small particles & longer columns - hence - higher peak capacity. The lower mobile phase viscosity also perserves you pumping system from some of the shear stress you run into at higher pressures. Last but not least, heat helps with those sticky peptides getting lost somewhere between injection and sprayer.

The Nimbus NanoLC Interface Systems can be manual & automated Dual column

- either stepper motor driven or pneumatic through the MS auxillary gas supply !

some features on the manual Nimbus source

Nimbus features automated, robust electrospray ionization for LC/MS experiments through proprietary spray controls and unique engineering that prevent clogging and dripping. The systems also performs enhancing functions including programmable high spray voltage regulation and dual column capabilities for increased sensitivity and throughput by nano and micro LC/MS.Take a closer look how Phoenix S&T`s fully automated dual column source increases the productivity of your mass spec.

Nimbus Source [PDF]

Phoenix S&T micro-nanospray solution 2013 [PDF]

Phoenix-MS-Thermo brochure [PDF]

 Click on the images to launch the NIMBUS Nano LC ion source installation video!

NIMBUS - Source configuration for Sciex mass specs, including source and high voltage control units:

Nimbus Source for Sciex instruments

 NIMBUS - Configuration for Thermo instruments including the butterfly NanoLC column oven:

Nimbus source for Thermo instruments including Butterfly heater

NIMBUS - Dual column configuration with additional calibration channel:

Dual NanoLC source with additional calibration channel


  • Full function, automated system for NanoLC-MS and MicroLC-MS (<100nL/min to >1µL/min)
  • Robust clog-free spray emitters
  • Programmable high voltage applies only for the active column channel, hence no crosstalk between the channels
  • Active spray control to eliminate clogs and drips
  • Dual columns to increase throughput
  • NanoLC column heater

get me the ASMS poster on PicoslideDGMS 2014 talk about various NanoLC multiplexing sources [PDF]


Phoenix S&T ovens are unique as they can be configurated in size, flexibly heat both an analytical column and the loading/trapping column if desired

(Butterfly heater, particularly important in 2D LC experiments)

Butterfly heater for NanoLC on a Thermo OEM source PST Pencil style heater on same Thermo OEM source

The controller can handle both heater configurations and has an optional on/off toggle feature via instrumental control. 

Click on the images for the according column heater PDF

Butterfly Heater  ColumnHeaterController

Tube/Pencil Style Heaters and other Heater types


See photographs of a pencil heaters, butterfly heaters, and other fine PST products installed on various sites: