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pI-Trap™ represents a revolutionary new instrument for gel-free pI-fractionation of peptide and protein mixtures.


Biomotif PI Trap instrument


  • Fast (<1 h) separation in ESI-friendly solution
  • Easy fraction collection, up to 30 fractions
  • On-line clean-up of sample
  • Fractionation of raw samples, e.g., intact blood plasma or serum
  • Couple on-line to any API-Mass Spectrometer 
  • Orthogonal dimension to RP-LC-MS in Deep-Proteomics
  • Large capacity (up to 100 μg) for enrichment of low abundance molecules
  • Minimal sample losses
  • Rapid isolation of a defined pI region
  • Accurate pI determination of your molecule
  • A push-button operation

Below graphics illustrates the function of the fractionation device:

The pI-trap utilizes a series of vessels with a capillary passing through each vessel. Part of the capillary in each vessel is replaced by a semipermeable membrane. The vessels contain buffer solutions with different pH values, so that a pH gradient is effectively established inside the capillary. The buffer solution in each vessel has an electrical contact with a voltage divider connected to a high-voltage power supply, which established electrical field along the capillary. When a sample (a mixture of peptides or proteins) is injected in the capillary, the presence of the electrical field and the pH gradient separates these molecules according to their isoelectric points (pI).

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Biomotif Trap

Heart of the device is the pI-Cell™, based on proprietary microfluidic technology. Take it as an “electrical column”, capturing charged molecules according to their isoelectric point.

Interested in signing in for a demo or an instrument evaluation ? 

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