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Self Pack Columns with(out) Frit using Integrated/Pulled Emitters

Self Pack Columns with(out) Frit using Integrated/Pulled Emitters
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As many of our customers pack their own pulled emitter columns, MS Wil provides several options to fulfil this need. Today we provide several Self Pack columns, with different Inner Diameters (ID’s) and with or without integrated frits.

First some nomenclature: Pulled emitters and Integrated emitter columns are different words for the same thing. For the remainder of this article, we will use Integrated emitter columns, just because it is a more generic name for the column type.

Emitters of 75-100µm ID with a length of 50cm and a narrow tip are popular columns to be packed with your material of choice. Just as popular are the fritted emitters, where the frit provides the benefit of a filter to pack your bed against. At the same time, the frit avoids very small resin beats to block the tip either during the packing process or when using the column, making the column more durable.

So now, what to do if you are looking to use non-fritted integrated emitter columns to self-pack with your favourite resin? This workflow requires an extra step over the use of fritted integrated emitter columns, therefore you will need to rethink your workflow a little.

The easiest way to create a “frit” is to pack a small amount of larger (5µm) beads with a short Carbon-chain (C4) into the tip (as you can see in figure 1). This short plug will then function the same way as a regular frit does, and due to the short carbon-chain it will have very little retention on molecules separated on C18-resins.

Figure 1. Different ways to pack your integrated emitter column (with or without frit)

The packing protocol to pack the “plug” is no different from your regular packing protocol, just a lot shorter as only 1cm will be required. If for some reason you need the separation into the final part of the emitter, larger C18 beads can be used instead of the C4 recommendation.

Product Numbers & Specifications:

SupplierProduct Nr.Specifications
ESI Source Solutions (ESS)PTC3-XX-XX-XXESI Selfpack Columns
CoAnn TechnologiesSCT360XXXXXXX-XX-XCoAnn Empty Selfpack tubes with frit
ICT360XXXXX-XX-XCoAnn Selfpack Columns
Dr. MaischRAXX.XX.XXXXDr. Maisch ReproSil Saphir Media
RXX.XX.XXXXDr. Maisch ReproSil-Pur Media

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