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Mass Spectra 2011 of Physiologically Active Substances Parr Opfermann Schaenzer

Including Drugs, Steroid Hormones, and Endocrine Disruptors

(Maria Kristina Parr, Georg Opfermann, Wilhelm Schänzer, Hugh L. J. Makin)

March  2011 Digital/Multimedia/Software – The Collection is only available as CD ROM

Spectra: 4182 

ISBN 978-3-527-33080-5 - Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

Steroids are of considerable therapeutic importance and play a substantial role in endocrinology, a medicine branch dealing with disorder of the endocrine system, an integrated system of small organs that involve the release of extracellular signaling molecules known as hormones.

On the other hand, steroids are increasingly being abused for performance enhancement by professional athletes, Olympians and even amateurs.

The identification of small amounts of steroids in body fluids is an analytical challenge. GC/MS is one of the key analytical techniques applied in these areas. For the fast and reliable identification of steroids, mass spectral reference data are essential.

This collection is an Invaluable Resource for Doping Control, Endocrinology, and Clinical Toxicology Steroids are of considerable therapeutic importance but are increasingly being abused for performance enhancement.

This collection has been expended in collaboration with the Institute of Biochemistry, German Sport University Cologne, and now contains 4182 mass spectra and chemical structures of androgens and estrogens, their trimethylsilyl -, O-methoxyoxime- and acetal derivatives, and beta-2-agonists. Most spectra have been obtained on the same mass spectrometer under identical conditions. The data records include chemical name, chemical structure, molecular formula, and synonyms.

Average number of peaks: 145

Available Database Formats: ACD;Agilent Chemstation; NIST MSSEARCH; Finnigan GCQ, SSQ, TSQ, ICIS, ITS40, Magnum; INCOS; PE Turbomass; Shimadzu QP-5000; Thermo Galactic SpectralID; Varian Saturn;VG Labbase, Masslab; Waters Masslynx; Xcalibur