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Cerno MassWorks

Cerno MassWorks for Revolutionary Mass Spectrometry Calibration and Analysis.

Version 6.0

Adding to the legacy established in previous versions, MassWorks 6.0 is still the easy-to-use post acquisition software package that utilizes Cerno’s patented TrueCal™ technology to achieve high mass accuracy and high Spectral Accuracy and enable elemental composition determination on conventional mass spectrometers of unit mass resolution using the patented CLIPS formula search.

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MassWorks sCLIPS and BestScan sCLIPS now also provide high spectral accuracy through exact line-shape calibration without the need for standards. MassWorks integrates the powerful TrueCal calibration technology to obtain up to 100X improvement in mass accuracy on unit resolution systems and up to 99.9% spectral accuracy on both high and unit resolution systems in a fast and versatile MS application software package. By mass accuracy with Spectral Accuracy, Cerno methodologies can provide significant improvements to all types of MS data, both high and low resolution.

  • High mass accuracy on quadrupole GC or LC/MS (up to 0.005Da)
  • Improved Spectral Accuracy on all systems (up to 99.9%)
  • Elemental composition determination on quadrupoles
  • Eliminating up to 95-99% of incorrect elemental compositions on high resolution MS
  • Accurate isotope fine structure analysis on ultra-high resolution MS
  • Direct and accurate analysis of unresolved mixtures, e.g.,isotope labeling and biologics modification

MassWorks now includes sCLIPS and Best Scan sCLIPS, for improving formula ID on high resolution MS, and CLIPS, for enabling formula ID on unit resolution GC or LC/MS single or triple quadrupoles.

For high resolution TOF, Orbitrap, FT ICR:

  • Self-calibrates peak shape without standards for exact isotope modeling
  • Eliminates 95-99% of incorrect formulas with high spectral accuracy
  • Quantitative measurements for biologics degradation analysis

For unit resolution quadrupoles:

  • 100 x better mass accuracy
  • up to 99.9% Spectral Accuracy
  • Confident elemental composition determination
  • Mixture deconvolution for isotope analysis and large molecule degredation

Spectral Accuracy

Spectral Accuracy is a measure of the similarity between the measured isotope pattern (ion’s mass spectrum) and the ion’s true mass spectrum sampled in the profile or continuum mode. Without proper line-shape calibration, Spectral Accuracy values are of limited use in identifying the unknown formula. An ion’s isotope pattern is unique for every unique formula and significantly richer in information than the measurement of a single peak position, as with accurate mass measurements.


CLIPS (Calibrated Line-shape Isotope Profile Search) is an entirely new and revolutionary way to attain fast and reliable elemental composition determination. Elemental composition is determined using the accurate mass information to identify a list of formula candidates. But even with very high mass accuracy, the list of formula candidates can make unambiguous formula determination difficult.

Best Scan sCLIPS™

In conventional sCLIPS, typically the averaged MS across a chromatographic peak is used to correct the instrument line-shape and enable exact isotope modeling for Spectral Accuracy evaluation of various possible elemental compositions. With ultra-high resolution MS at ≥ 240,000 resolving power, the observed fine isotopes can vary systematically from scan to scan, depending on the ion population and the associated space charge effects.


sCLIPS™ (self Calibrating Line-shape Isotope Profile Search) enables users of accurate mass instruments including TOF, high resolution quadrupoles, Orbitrap, magnetic sector, and FT-ICR MS to dramatically improve formula ID through Spectral Accuracy without the need to run calibration standards.  The patented sCLIPS approach utilizes the fully resolved monoisotopic peak from high resolution instruments to create a line-shape TrueCal™ calibration that is applied to the entire isotope profile of the ion of interest.

MassWorks V6.0 Brochure:

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