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In the current market of consolidated suppliers of laboratory equipment, MS Wil has been an independent provider of Wiley and NIST Software Library and Database solutions to the European scientific community. We work directly with the publishers of these Libraries and can therefore provide them at very competitive pricing.

With the risk of falsified product and ever increasing sample throughput, reliable identification of unknown compounds becomes crucial in many modern analytical and bio-analytical laboratories. In order to improve you chance to reliably identify your compounds, MS Wil also provides tools to improve the resolution of quadrupole mass spectrometers, but even high resolution FT-ICR/Orbitrap based Mass Spectrometers. Combining these allows you to upgrade your current LC or GC-MS(/MS) system to become even better, without replacing the Mass Spectrometer.

Below this overview you find two graphic explanations on how our software solutions work together to assist you in generating accurate identifications. The solutions mentioned are the folowiing: