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A new spin on protein precipitation.


A Canadian-based omics solutions provider, Allumiqs (previousely Proteoform Scientific) is dedicated to delivering solutions that elevate multiomics within research pathways and help our customers get to market faster.

Born when Proteoform Scientific joined forces with PhenoSwitch Bioscience in early 2022, Allumiqs brings together sample prep, mass spec solutions, and data analytics as an outsourced collaborator for biotech and biopharma researchers. Our platform helps customers solve time and throughput challenges around sample prep, access to omics expertise and mass spec solutions needed to advance their work, and see their research data in a whole new light.

Our primary goal is to address the complex problems of basic research by providing cost-effective, efficient, and bold solutions that accelerate discovery and publication.

Allumiqs provides the essential omics research tools you need to elevate the quality, reliability, and pace of your research. Our collaborative approach means you have additional expertise on your team, dedicated to your success—from initial experiment design, to final data report. So you can be more confident than ever in your research process and results

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