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Matrix Science

Independent provider of bioinformatics tools to proteomics researchers and scientists, enabling the rapid, confident identification and quantitation of proteins.

Matrix Science Ltd

The company was founded by John Cottrell and David Creasy founded Matrix Science Ltd in 1998, and is based in London, United Kingdom. Mascot began as a fully automated, high-throughput version of MOWSE licensed from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. The free Mascot Server launched in November 1998, and the first product release was Mascot Server 1.0 in 1999.

By the end of the company’s first decade, the number of Mascot Server licences sold continued to increase. There were eight major releases of Mascot Server, with version 2.2 released in 2007. And the 10 millionth free Mascot search was submitted in 2007.

Today, Matrix Science Ltd is run by Patrick Emery and Ville Koskinen. Patrick started as bioinformatics software developer at Matrix Science in 2002 and has been the primary developer on several products, most recently Mascot Distiller and Mascot Daemon. Ville joined as bioinformatics software developer in 2008 working on Mascot Server and Mascot Parser, as well as backend systems like product licensing.

The 25 millionth free Mascot search was submitted at matrixscience.com in 2019, in addition to countless more that have been run with in-house Mascot licences.

You can find more information on Matrix Science on their website: here.

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