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New Objective

Leaders in nanoFlow Technology.

New Objective

Founded in 1997 on PicoTip® technology, New Objective has remained on the cutting edge of nanobore chromatography and through engaging, ongoing communication with our customers, continuous innovation, and also unwavering commitment to quality. In 2002 MS Wil started distribution for NewObjective products in Europe and has done so since that time.

Undoubtedly NewObjective is best known for their Fused Sillica (PicoTip) emitters, used in practically every Proteomics laboratory around the world. Later on NewObjective added PicoFrit® nanobore columns to the portfolio, PicoFrit® is a nanobore column with an integrated frit in the tip of the emitter.

In order to maximize nanospray productivity and reproducibility, the PicoView® and Digital PicoView sources are developed to work in conjunction with PicoTip emitters and PicoFrit columns.

The PicoChip Nanospray System is the latest development from New Objective. PicoChip provides a unique and also extremely user-friendly platform for nanospray, yet delivers the high-performance that only traditional tube-based nanopsray provides. PicoChip’s simple plug-and-spray operation delivers the best spray stability, reliability and also the perfomance available.

For more information on New Objective, visit their website: here.

New Objective

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