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Phoenix S&T

Phoenix S&T Innovative nanospray and microspray Ion Sources & Column Heaters.

Phoenix S&T

PST Nano LC Column Heaters are widely accepted among the proteomics community and allow you to benefit from this cost effective way to reduce column backpressure. They also help you avoid losing those sticky peptides often getting lost somewhere between injection and sprayer.

PST provides both Pencil and Butterfly stype Column Heaters, that work either with an external controller or ThermoScientific’s EASY-Spray sources.

The Nimbus NanoESI Ion sources can be:

  • Single Column
  • Dual column manual & automated
    • either stepper motor driven or
    • pneumatic through the MS auxillary gas supply!

Nimbus features automated, robust electrospray ionization for LC/MS experiments through proprietary spray controls and unique engineering that prevent clogging and also dripping. The systems also performs enhancing functions including programmable high spray voltage regulation and dual column capabilities for increased sensitivity and throughput by nano and micro LC/MS.Take a closer look how Phoenix S&T`s fully automated dual column source increases the productivity of your mass spec.

In addition PST develops a variety of emitters and spray solutions to make nano and microESI more robust and durable.

For more information on Phoenix S&T, please visit their website: here.

Phoenix S&T

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