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New approaches to reliable nano/microLC system and tools to create your own connections on 360µm tubing.


Prolab has been specializing in the development of analytical instruments since 1988. Starting with HPLC automation devices produced in OEM, the company developed customized instrumentation solutions for customers in the pharmaceutical industry, like the CombiChem Station with its optional solvent manager. An important product line was the HPLC solvent degassers which were marketed under our LabSource as well as OEM brand names.

Many of their developments are centered around micro- and nano-HPLC, which they pioneered in 1996 with the launch of the LabSource Evolution 200 µHPLC pump. Since these early days of driving down the used inner diameters of HPLC columns, they have collected a wealth of experience and know how together with their customers

In recent years, the development of the latest micro and nano-HPLC system, Zirconium, with its automated speedy pre-compressing of solvents, integrated column oven, and excellent nanoflow performance, hugely benefit from the cumulated experience and know how that they have collected in this history of almost 30 years in analytical HPLC.

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