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The Complete Solution for Native MS

The Complete Solution for Native MS

Curious about a way to achieve high sensitivity, high throughput, and high quantitation accuracy for Native MS research using the MnESI platform? In this article, we provide you with a solution to achieve all this while addressing the main challenges of Native MS.

Native MS maintains a biomolecule’s natural folded state and associated non-covalent interactions for mass spectrometry analysis and is a powerful technique for studying the structure of intact proteins, large protein complexes, and protein-protein, protein-ligand interactions.

Currently, one of the biggest challenges for native MS is the analysis of large native protein complexes and their mixtures in a high-throughput manner. On the other hand, the conventional analytical LC-MS method has not been adopted widely for native MS studies of large bio-organic complexes, because it does not have the sensitivity of static nanoESI-MS or may not be able to maintain the native state of labile protein complexes during the mass spectrometry analysis.

To directly address these challenges of Static nanospray ESI-MS and High-flow ESI-MS, Newomics has developed a new Micro-nanospray ESI-native MS (MnESI-MS) platform with a MnESI source and M3 emitters inter-faced with the Q Exactive UHMR mass spectrometer, to achieve high-sensitivity and high-throughput LC-MS analysis of bio-organic complexes while maintaining their native state. 

MnESI Platform

The MnESI Platform has been optimized for native MS. It directly addresses the aforementioned challenges of static nanospray ESI-MS and high flow ESI-MS for native MS. The MnESI ion source enables plug-and-play integration to microflow LC-MS system for high throughput and high reproducibility.

Features & Benefits:

  • Empowers Newomics multinozzle emitters for significantly improved LC/MS performance.
  • Delivers nanoflow sensitivity and lower detection limit.
  • Allows smaller sample amount.
  • Enables higher sample throughput and faster analysis speed.
  • Achieves high robustness and excellent reproducibility for complex matrix analysis.
  • Visualizes spray via a high-quality imaging system.

M3 Emitter

The award-winning multinozzle technologies incorporated in the M3 emitters, empower mass spectrometry through integration and miniaturization.

The microfluidic chip splits incoming flow evenly into multiple smaller streams and hence enhances ionization efficiency significantly to achieve unprecedented robustness and sensitivity. Newomics M3 emitter is the first commercial multinozzle emitter device for mass spectrometry. Newomics chips are manufactured on silicon using semiconductor microfabrication techniques. The unique chip design with precision-machining method and plug-and-play interface delivers ultimate sensitivityreliabilitysimplicity, and also ruggedness.

(You can purchase the M3 emitters separately, or you can purchase the MnESI Platform (which includes the M3 emitter)).

Flow Splitting Kit

In addition, we also offer the Newomics Flow Splitting Kit, to help you to seamlessly integrate the Newomics MnESI source and M3 multinozzle emitters to your analytical LC/MS workflows. 

The Newomics Flow Splitting Kit converts a conventional analytical flow rate to a wide range of microflow rates (1-25 microliter per min). It thus provides the advantage of allowing you to analyze samples at microflow without changing their current high flow LC and column setups. Typically, you would have to purchase a new LC instrument to do this, but the Newomics Flow Splitting Kit is compatible with many high flow LC systems widely found in research labs.

Pairing the Flow Splitting Kit with the MnESI source and M3 emitter outperforms routine analytical flow mass spectrometry and delivers higher sensitivity. In addition, using a very small fraction of sample material significantly reduces sample contamination to the mass spectrometers and thus improves workflow robustness.

Reported Results

Recent studies reported on the integration of the Newomics MnESI source with different Mass Spectrometers for characterization of native monoclonal antibodies (mAb).

Both studies concluded that pairing the MnESI Platform with a Mass Spectrometer led to:

  • A 2- to 10-fold sensitivity gain.
  • Better preservation of the native conformation of antibodies.
  • Flexibility of upstream and downstream analysis of mAb, including flow splitting for simultaneous detection of mAb by UV and MS.
  • A robust platform for intact protein biotransformation analysis. 

For the full Application Note on the MnESI-MS Platform for LC-MS Analysis of Native Protein Complexes, click here.

Part Numbers & Product Specifications:

SupplierProduct Nr.Specifications
NewomicsIS-A01MnESI Platform for Agilent Mass Spectrometers
IS-B01MnESI Platform for Bruker Mass Spectrometers
IS-T01MnESI Platform for Thermo (New Generation) Mass Spectrometers
IS-T02MnESI Platform for Thermo (Legacy) Mass Spectrometers
NewomicsE5N20MU01M3 multi-nozzle emitter (20um, 5 nozzles)
E8N10MU01M3 multi-nozzle emitter (10um, 8 nozzles)
E8N20MU01M3 multi-nozzle emitter (20um, 8 nozzles)
NewomicsFSK-01Flow Splitting Kit for Microflow LC/MS – Flow rate: 1 – 5 µL/min / Splitting ratios: 1:50, 1:100, 1:200
FSK-02Flow Splitting Kit for Microflow LC/MS – Flow rate: 5 – 15 µL/min / Splitting ratios: 1:10, 1:20, 1:50
FSK-03Flow Splitting Kit for Microflow LC/MS – Flow rate: 10 – 25 µL/min / Splitting ratios: 1:10, 1:20, 1:50
FSK-10Flow Splitting Kit for Microflow LC/MS – Flow rate: Custom / Splitting ratios: Custom

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