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MS Utils

MS Utils provides a list of free (gratis) software for analysis of mass spectrometry data.

It is both a repository and a collection of up-to-date links to different types of freely available software and code snippets for the visualization and analysis of mass spectrometry data with emphasis on automated methods for proteomics and protein analysis. The list was initiated by Magnus Palmblad in 2006 and is still maintained – primarily – by him, but with many contributions and suggestions from the research community. The recent cleanup, removal of dead links, and systematic literature references is a collaboration with Veit Schwämmle and Jon Ison, ensuring the organization and annotations in ms-utils.org are consistent with bio.tools. Specifically, the category headers in ms-utils.org are matched to EDAM terms. Some tools belong in multiple categories. Their broader (or moonlighting) functionality is captured to the extent the short annotations permit.

If you know of a program that should be included in the software list, or have yourself written a program you would like to make publicly available free of charge, please send an e-mail to webmaster@ms-utils.org. We can also host projects here, although it may make more sense to host it on SourceForge, GitHub or Google Code. Many of the tools collected here were developed at the Seattle Proteome Center, the PNNL Pan-Omics Research Group or the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

Direct source code links imply availability under an Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved license.

The ms-utils.org website is privately funded with no financial conflicts-of-interest or ties to any commercial entity.

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