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Software Solutions for IR, MS, NIR, NMR, Raman, UV-Vis, & Chromatography

The KnowItAll Spectroscopy Edition offers integrated solutions to identify, analyze, and manage multiple types of spectral data in multiple file and instrument formats. So, whether you use one or more techniques, it’s the ideal vendor-neutral solution for your lab for fast, accurate spectral analysis!


KnowItAll eliminates the need for multiple software packages with powerful tools integrated into a single, easy-to-use interface. It also includes patented technologies not available in other packages.

Combined with a subscription to the KnowItAll Spectral Libraries (IR, MS, NMR, Raman, UV-Vis) —the world’s largest spectral database—KnowItAll offers an unparalleled solution for spectral identification and analysis. 

The KnowItAll interface is designed so the user can transfer information from one tool to another, and move from one task to the next, without having to leave the main interface or open another program. Multiple tasks are performed using logically grouped “toolboxes.” Because all the tools are located in a single, integrated environment, using this system will invariably save time, improve workflow, and increase your ability to reach conclusions from your data.


KnowItAll ID Expert™ 

One-Click Spectral ID
Perform applicable analyses (single and multi-component search, peak search, and functional group analysis) on an unknown spectrum


Advanced Database Searching 
With advanced features for spectral mixture analysis, “simultaneous” multi-technique search, and spectral deformulation


Spectral Data Management

Build spectral libraries with spectra (from multiple techniques / instrument vendors), structures, and meta data. Includes advanced tools for data mining.


Spectral Processing
Process spectra from a variety of instruments to improve the quality of archived data and search results


IR, Raman, Polymer IR
Simply load a spectrum and click on a peak of interest to see all the possible functional groups

PredictIt™ NMR

Chemical Shift Prediction
Perform database-based NMR spectrum predictions for 13C, 1H, and other nuclei

Qc Expert™ 

IR & Raman QC Comparison
Perform a quality control comparison of a sample spectrum against a reference spectrum


2D Structure Drawing
Simply click and drag to draw any chemical structure; includes advanced stereochemical recognition


Reporting & Publishing Tool
Create reports complete with spectra, structures, tables, and more

Product brochure

For more information on the Wiley KnowItAll Spectroscopy Edition, click on the image below for the Product Brochure as a downloadable PDF. 


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