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Hartmut Laatsch Antibase

AntiBase 2014,  More than 170,000 natural products are known today, and every year about 700 new structures are added, just only from micro-organisms. This gives rise to a major problem in natural product chemistry – it is unavoidable that certain common compounds are re-isolated again and again, a handicap which costs time and money, and is a steady source of avoidable frustration.


AntiBase 2014 includes:

AntiBase 2014 is a comprehensive database of 42,950 natural compounds, with more than 3% new entries compared to the 2013 edition. The data in AntiBase have been collected from the primary and secondary literature and then carefully checked and validated. The natural compounds in AntiBase provide researchers with a convenient way of ensuring that a compound with antimicrobial effects has already been studied, and also provide research with insights into biological activity correlated to structural information. The addition of spectral data aids in confirmation. All of these data can help provide deeper insights into structural activity in relation to reported biological activity and may aid in adding insight to expected biological activity in novel antibiotic candidates.
AntiBase includes descriptive data (molecular formula, mass, elemental composition, group); physico-chemical data (melting point, optical rotation); spectroscopic data (UV, 13C-NMR, IR, HRMS and mass spectra); biological data (pharmacological activity, toxicity); information on origin and isolation and a summary of literature sources.
A unique feature of AntiBase is the use of predicted 13C-NMR spectra for those compounds where no measured spectra are available. These spectra have been produced using the Wiley's proprietary NMR spectrum prediction algorithm.
AntiBase is available in PerkinElmer/Cambridgesoft Chemfinder format (this edition), in ISISBase format (Enterprise Edition ISBN:978-3-527-33890-0), and bundled with the Scidex viewer (Scidex format ISBN:978-3-527-33889-4). Please inquire about upgrade pricing, site license, and enterprise license options.

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